Rand Academy of Firearm Training     R.A.F.T. 
Call Us at (517) 206-6158 or e-mail at randcpl45@gmail.com 

FREE one year Membership to the MCRGO.

Free coffee, Free Bottled Water, Free Danish and Muffins, Free Hot Dogs, Free Chips,

We have 30 seats available per class, walk-ins are welcome.

             1-Day class that meets and exceeds the training requirements to obtain your Michigan CCW/CPL permit.

                                 Specialize in training students with little, or NO experience. *Rentals available. 

CPL Classes start at 9:00am.

Instructor courses start at 8:00am.

Classes located at 2881 N. Portage Rd. Jackson, MI 49202 at The Kickin Brass.



Earning potential is unlimited. Four day class. Three NRA instructor ratings.

July 8, 9, 10, 11th

MCRGO CPL Instructor course.

August  24, 25th

Reserve a seat today. randcpl45@gmail.com  517-206-6158

Range Safety Officer $200.00 

Chief Range Safety Officer Class on $250.00     

Starting April 1st 2019 a 3% fee will be added to all credit / debit cards.

Due to Bad checks received we will not accept checks. 

Payment Options 

4/1/2019  Basic Pistol Shooting Instructor LED  (200.00)

4/2/2019  Basic Instructor Training (BIT) and Home Firearm Safety Instructor (200.00)

4/3/2019 Pistol Instructor  course. (250.00)

4/4/2019  Personal Protection in The Home Instructor Training  (250.00) 

4/5/2019  (RSO) Range Safety Officer course  (200.00)

4/6/2019  (CRSO) Cheif Range Safety Officer course. (250.00) 

4/7/2019  CPL Class (100.00)

4/17/2019 CPL Class  (100.00)

4/27/2019 CPL Class  (100.00)

5/4-5/2019 MCRGO CPL Instructor course  (400.00) 

5/11/2019  CPL Class (100.00)

5/26/2019 CPL Class (100.00)

6/2/2019 CPL Class  (100.00)

6/15/2019 CPL Class (100.00)

6/19/2019 CPL Class (100.00)

7/8/2019  Basic Pistol shooting instructor LED required to take the Pistol instructor course. (200.00)

7/9/2019 (BIT) Basic Instructor Training and Home Firearm Safety instructor course.  (200.00)

7/10/2019 NRA Pistol instructor course. (250.00)

7/11/2019 Personal Protection in the Home instructor course. To teach CPL classes. Must have CPL.  (250.00)

7/12/2019 Range Safety officer (RSO) (200.00)

7/13/2019 CPL Class (100.00)

7/17/2019 CPL Class  (100.00)

7/22/2019  NRA Basic Shotgun course (200.00)

7/23/2019 NRA Shotgun instructor course. (250.00)

7/24/2019 NRA Basic Rifle course. (200.00)

7/25/2019 NRA Rifle instructor course (250.00)

7/26/2019 NRA  (CRSO) Cheif Range safety Officer course. (250.00)

7/28/2019 CPL Class. (100.00)

8/5/2019  (PPOTH) Personal Protection Outside the Home Student course Required to take the Instructor course (200.00)

8/6-7/2019  Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor two day course. (350.00)

8/8/2019  (RTBAV) Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar required to take the RTBAV Instructor course. (40.00)

8/9/2019  (RTBAV) Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor course. (250.00)

8/24-25/2019  MCRGO Instructor course. (400.00)